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March 27, 2014

Best free Android app for Notes, Notepad and Note Sync for HTC, Samsung and Sony phones - April 2014.

Buzz buzz. I've gone Android at last.
The trusty old Nokia E63 has gone back in the box as my back-up. I've scored a shiny new HTC Desire HD.

I needed the Best Free App.
None of that Facebook and Twitter stuff, I needed to organise my Notes.

One thing I miss from all my Nokia phones is the 'Notes' facility.
I had thirty or so with various bits of information, shopping lists and bright ideas.
I could back them up onto my computer as text files.
This is one big application that seems to be missing from Android handsets.

So I went searching in the market for a good Note app. I tried quite a few but settled on just two.

Colornote Notepad - this one turned out to be the best for my needs.
I tried quite a few others and have since deleted the links form this post. Grab this one.

Evernote. Here's the link. This is the best one ever and has become indispensable.

This greatest thing about Evernote is that I can sync my notes on the phone with my computer.
If I change a note on the phone it also updates and syncs to my computer and vice versa. Yay.

This is it running on my main frame at home. That's just two of my many notes.

This is a screen shot I've taken from their page in the Android Market.

I can take a photo note or write a text and edit them easily.
I can update my notes on my PC at home and they will sync to my phone. That's clever.
This one truly is the 'Best Android App.'

I will remind you one more time. Back Up Your Computer Now.

Cheers. Si.
Checked for links and relevance, April 2014.
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