This is my site for links to Genuine Free Stuff as well as some useful advice. I use most of these programs regularly. It's good gear. It's all worth having.

** April 2014. Major revamp and update for relevance happening, especially now that support for Windows XP has ended, and now that we all are addicted to our Android phones. A lot of old stuff is going.

This post in particular started this whole website...

I have been building and using computers since about the Ice Age, from DOS 3 through to Windows 7.
I have been mucking about with mobile phones for quite some time, using Symbian S60 and then Android.

Press F8 at boot to start in safe mode - Windows XP and 7
To see the details of you computer, download, install and run 'Speccy' - shows Operating System, Firewall, Anti-virus and hardware.
If you think you have a virus, start here 'Free Online Virus Scan'. Try any or all, and be patient.

March 29, 2009

Genuine Free Tip - Microsoft Virtual PC

Woo Hoo. This is cool.
Big thanks to Cory down at Infinity Computer for showing me this one.

Microsoft Virtual PC.
"Save time and money as Virtual PC allows you to maintain the compatibility of legacy and custom applications during migration to new operating systems and increases the efficiency of support, development, and training staffs.

With Microsoft® Virtual PC 2007, you can create and run one or more virtual machines, each with its own operating system, on a single computer. This provides you with the flexibility to use different operating systems on one physical computer. "

If you need to create a virtual machine to run a different operating system such as an earlier version of Windows, this is the way to do it. Create a Virtual PC and set all the conditions you want. I use this to play old games like Duke Nukem 3D.
Cheers. Si.
Checked April 2014 for link and relevance. Still valid for Windows XP 

March 28, 2009

Genuine Free Tip - Partition Logic

This is a very handy program for partitioning you hard drive.

Partition Logic.

It's a good idea to partition your hard drive on your PC.
Make the C drive for all your programs, and then pick an arbitrary letter, say the Q drive (Get Smart agent Q) for all of My Documents. Then when you Backup Your PC NOW, you can back up just the drive that you want to. This will save you space and time.
Now say you have just bought yourself a nice brand spanking new PC, but didn't think to partition your hard drive, then grab yourself Partition Logic to do the job.

It's free too. Get some.
Cheers. Si.
Checked April 2014 for link and relevance.

March 9, 2009

ZMatrix - Matrix scrolling wallpaper.

I love this one. This is the coolest piece of free software.

ZMatrix. Background scrolling wallpaper AND screen saver

ZMatrix is an animated desktop background which displays streaming characters in a style similar to what was used in the movie 'The Matrix'.

This is dead cool.
Here it is running on my computer

Here's my settings. I like it just like this.
Note that this is for background scrolling wallpaper.

Use Monotonous clean up, otherwise the screen just fills up completely.

Also use Random Cleanup to put little gaps in the code.

That will look nifty.

Checked April 2014 for link and relevance. - still the best wallpaper. It works very nicely on my Windows XP box, but I haven't tried it on my Windows 7 box.