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August 6, 2010

How to hide your personal files, pictures, JPGs, WORD documents etc. Windows XP and Windows 7.

Here's one of my secrets. This is how I hide my files if needed.

One way is to simply mark them as 'hidden'.
First, put that file or folder in a place where you won't lose it. Cut and paste it into some secret place.
First make sure that you have elected 'do not show hidden files and folders'.
Go to 'My Documents", select Tools>Folder Options >View>Do not show hidden files and folders

then ... Folder Options >View>do not show hidden files and folders

Then, right click on that file or folder and select Properties, and mark Attributes as hidden.

See ? Gone. Not deleted, just 'hidden'.

until you show all hidden files here at ...
Tools>Folder Options >View>Show hidden files and folders

Hidden to the average user, but not to some hacker.
That's lesson one.

Another way is to rename that file.
Say I have my stupidly stored my passwords in a text file called 'passwords.txt'

Incidentally text files are very useful as they will not store fonts or formats, just plain text.

To rename it completely I right click on the file and select 'rename' and change it to 'systemfile.ggg". You will see a pop up message about changing attributes, but click OK.

Click OK

The result is an unrecognizable, unreadable and unsearchable file.

Firstly, "password" has gone, so anyone doing a search of your computer will not find this keyword. 'systemfile' is a wonderful general file name to call something you want to hide.

Secondly, this is now an unrecognizable 'file extension', so will also not show up on any searches.
See for info on file extensions.

To read you file, rename it back to a legitimate file extension of 'systemfile.txt'

Clever boys and girls. Go practice that one.

You can rename a large group of similar files using a very simple batch job, but that's tomorrow's lesson.

Helping you hide your secrets. Cheers. Si.
Checked and relevant. Apil 2014
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