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** April 2014. Major revamp and update for relevance happening, especially now that support for Windows XP has ended, and now that we all are addicted to our Android phones. A lot of old stuff is going.

This post in particular started this whole website...

I have been building and using computers since about the Ice Age, from DOS 3 through to Windows 7.
I have been mucking about with mobile phones for quite some time, using Symbian S60 and then Android.

Press F8 at boot to start in safe mode - Windows XP and 7
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April 10, 2014

My response to spam emails. Windows XP and Windows 7. April 2014

This is my response to people who send me spam emails and chain letters.
I keep it in a word document, and just copy and paste and send it back.
** All updated as of April 2014. This is the post that started this whole website and inspired me to keep all my links here.
This is to help me and others debug computers and keep them as safe as possible.

Feel free to copy and paste this into a WORD doc' so that you can do the same.
You are receiving this message because we have a received one of the following from your email address.
a spam email (buy Viagra etc) or
a junk email (send these Angels to twenty friends etc) or
a virused email (nasty Trojan viruses that make my anti virus program flash red warnings)
Furthermore, it appears that this email has been auto-sent to random people in your address book.

If you sent this email deliberately, then in the nicest possible way, please don't send anymore like this.
If you didn't knowingly send this email, you computer has been virused.
Here's what to do.

Create a new folder in My Documents called "PC Security".
Download and save all the following FREE programs.
I use all these myself and recommend them myself.

 Start with CCleaner from here …
Download from "File Hippo" where a lot of goodies are stored.

It’s free and easy to use. Two buttons. “Analyze” and “Run Cleaner”.
This removes all the junk from your computer and keeps it clean.

Make sure you SAVE the file in that new "PC Security" folder.
It should look like this “ccsetup412.exe
Double click on it to install.
Two buttons. “Analyze” and “Run Cleaner”.
Learn to use it. Clean up once a week.

Use this first to clean out as much rubbish as possible before you start big virus scans.

  You made need to do an online virus scan first.

Here are the links for the virus scanners. You may need them all.
BitDefender QuickScan

ESET Online Antivirus Scanner

Microsoft Security Scanner

TrendMicro HouseCall Free online virus scan

  Anti virus program from FileHippo once again...
That's the free AVG 32 bit edition for Windows XP

Or the free AVG 64 bit for Windows 7

Or for that matter, any free anti-virus from FileHippo...

BitDefender has a good reputation...

If you're using Windows 7, maybe try Microsoft Security Essentials

Make sure you SAVE the file in that new "PC Security" folder.
It should look like this “avg_free_x86_all_2014_4569a7320.exe” or this "Antivirus_Free_Edition.exe"
Double click on it to install.
(A lot of viruses will stop most anti virus programs from starting or running properly).
Do a FULL scan straight away.
Obtain any updates and scan again.
Let the program delete or quarantine any viruses.

  Download and install all the Microsoft updates from here … - redundant now - it's built in - but get all the latest updates.

** Support for Windows XP ends April 8, 2014

Allow to install. Reboot. Go back and look for more. Reboot and keep repeating until you have ALL security updates. You will have to use Internet Explorer for this, not some other web browser like Firefox.

Make sure you SAVE the file in that new "PC Security" folder.
It should look like this “zafwSetup_130_208_000.exe”  or “cispremium_installer.exe
Double click on it to install.

You will have to learn how to use its pop-ups to allow good programs access to the internet.

 Chrome web browser from here...

Google Chrome is a very secure web browser program.
You can import you bookmarks or favorites from Internet Explorer.

Incidentally, don't be afraid to use more than one web browser. They will all import bookmarks from each other.
I use 'Internet Explorer' for it's Citrix abilities.
I use 'Opera' for some website editing and just for a change.

 Thunderbird email program from here …

Thunderbird is free from the Mozilla Foundation and is a secure email program.
Make sure you SAVE the file in that new "PC Security" folder.
It should look like this “Thunderbird Setup 24.4.0.exe
Double click on it to install.

You can “Import” all you email and address book from Outlook or Outlook Express. update checker from here …

The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.

Also check here for all free software downloads.

  Subscribe to the free newsletter “Ask Leo”.

You will find a lot of extremely useful advice here.
There is a lot of good advice on his archives, so have a good read.
Like this …

END QUOTE ---------------------------------------------------

Generally people get the hint after the second or third time - no more "send this to twenty friends".
Note that all the above is also useful for fixing virused computers in general.
Cheers. Si.
Links checked April 2014. Still very relevant to Windows XP and Windows 7.
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