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March 25, 2014

Best free Space websites - NASA, JPL and Cosmotography ... April 2014

Here's my list of 'Space" websites. 

Celestia - download from Scourceforge
Celestia is an application for real-time 3D visualization of space, with a detailed model of the solar system, over 100,000 stars, more than 10,000 galaxies, and an extension mechanism for adding more objects.

Celestia Motherlode for add-ons to Celestia


This was in today's email from them - The Sunflower Galaxy.

Here's another ...

It's a good site to find some mind blowing wallpapers.

Google Earth = Google Mars - download it and go to Mars as well - check it out ! A full map of Mars. - about Google Mars

The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera is a camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)...

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs

NASA JPL Voyager Project

Those two space probes are just amazing. Billions of miles they went.
There's a good video on that page. It's well worth a look.
Where are they now ?

The Daily Galaxy is pretty cool.

Seeing stars. Cheers. Si.
Checked for links and relevance, April 2014.
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