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August 19, 2015

How do I attach a lanyard to my phone - Samsung, Sony, Android, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Windows, Motorola.

Here's my latest trick.

Remember the good old days when Nokia ruled the phone world and every phone was a Nokia.
I have unashamedly lifted this photo from from their article "Take a trip down memory lane", which reminded me to write this post. Take a look at the video in that link, it's a great piece of nostalgia.

Every phone looked quite different and interesting. Don't you just miss the excitement of having a phone that looked completely new and unique ?!
Most of them had an eyelet hole to attach a lanyard. Mine all did anyway.

Now days all phones look the same - a flat black slab of polycarbonate. They don't have holes for lanyards either.

Oddly enough, I still want a lanyard on my phone. Especially when I am playing tourist and hanging over the edge of a ship or bridge or high tower to take a picture.

Here's my old faithful Samsung Galaxy S3 in a protective gel case with a lanyard attached.
I use this especially if I am walking my dogs and I either sling my phone around my neck or around my wrist so that I don't drop my phone when the dogs trip me over.

How to do it ?
Buy any standard soft plastic case that you can cut with a sharp knife. Buy a lanyard, or dig out an old one if you kept them in a box somewhere.
Put that case on a chopping board and grab that sharp knife and cut two long narrow slits about 1 cm apart, just wide enough for your lanyard of choice.

Thread a lanyard of choice through the slits and loop it through itself. Done.
Now you can hang your phone from your neck and not drop it when you are balancing on a cliff for a great view.

Cheers. Si.
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